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See nature through the eyes of an artist

When illustrator Julia Rothman set out to learn about the natural world around her, she quickly found there was no limit to the parts and pieces of the planet that piqued her curiosity. "There is an infinite amount to learn about, from the constellations to the core of the earth. While Nature Anatomy is only a teeny scratch on the surface, it gave me a chance to become acquainted with plants, animals, trees, grasses, bugs, precipitation, land masses, and bodies of water that I wanted to be able to name when I walked by."

Layers of the Earth Volcano

View the wonders of the world in a new way

Earth is home to a multitude of natural wonders. See them all through Julia Rothman’s illustrated explorations of the planet, from its molten core to the constellations in the night sky and everything in between. Examine the landscapes and landforms that make up our geography, consider the unseen forces that shape our weather systems, and take new notice of the phases of the moon with Rothman’s art as your guide.

Julia Rothman Nature Anatomy Mycelium

Get to know the plants, trees, mammals, birds, and insects

Do you know the anatomy of a mushroom or how to identify a tree by its leaves? Did you know that butterflies can be as different as fingerprints or that bird eggs range in size from 5/8 of an inch to 5 inches in diameter? Rothman inspires you to stop and take a close-up look at the countless living creatures that also inhabit our world, whether they have flowers or fur, whether they crawl or swim, whether we encounter them every day or they’re invisible to the naked eye.

Nature Anatomy Ecosystem of a Pond

Immerse yourself in the watery world of oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds

Different bodies of water have their own unique features, creatures, and ecosystems. Dive deep into the world underwater and discover what makes it tick. Rothman’s illustrations reveal the differences between a stream and a brook, detail the seven stages of a salmon’s life cycle, survey a colorful collection of seashells, and more.

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