Montessori Life Cycle Of The Apple Tree Board

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A beautiful life cycle board featuring the life cycle of an apple tree. This Montessori learning activity board truly grows with the child -

Start as a simple lifecycle puzzle - seed, sapling, tree, flowering tree, fruits and back to seed.

When the child is ready for more, point out the other players that help a plant grow - the Earthworms, bees and butterflies, Sun and water.

Track the tree through the seasons. How does an apple tree look in winter (no leaves), Spring (fresh leaves, just like the young tree), Summer (flowers, just like the blossoming tree) and fall (tree full of fruits ready for apple picking!).

Discuss the various layers of soil and the part they play in the growth of the tree.

All of these are detailed in the back of the puzzle for easy reference.

Made of hardwood maple and finished with linseed oil.

Measures 13"x6.5"x0.5", the inserts/puzzle pieces are a hair thinner than 0.25"

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